My name is Hattie. Graduate, proud Hufflepuff, 90’s baby and feminist.

I have been an active blogger since January 2016, on a separate personal blog. However, after a year of writing, I decided that I wanted to focus on something that I have been passionate about since I was thirteen years old: Feminism.

Recently, I was told that I should hold back on my feminism views. I was told that with these views in mind, I would fail to be hired by men. I would fail in a successful and well-established future. At first, I was angry with this statement. I spent the days after, re-thinking this moment in my head until it became stale and unbearable. So, after several dance parties to a few girl-power anthems, I decided to turn my anger into fuel, which led to the creation of this very blog.

I hope for this blog to not only educate and entertain but also to provide hope to both men and women out there. A better future is coming. An equal future for men and women is coming. We just have to keep fighting for what we believe in, and we will reach it.

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