Hattie Farley · poetry

‘The Roots’ by Hattie Farley

we are taught from a young age
that happiness can be found
once we have met the person
that we want to spend the rest of
our lives with.

we aren’t allowed to consider
even for a second that perhaps
happiness can be found
in the nights spent in
the corner of a bar with friends
or in those moments of solitude
when it’s just you and a car
and the open road.

i am learning that perhaps
i will never meet the person
who is the root
of my entire happiness.
but luckily for me
they are wrong.
i have found my happiness

in country songs, solitude,
friendships and feminism.
the world changing
and watching an entire city
build itself up from the ground
after an afternoon of terror.
i crave for sisters and
sunsets and music
they are the roots
of my entire happiness
more than one
singular human
could ever be.

Hattie Farley · poetry

‘that overgrown path’ by Hattie Farley

i have lived my entire life scared.
every path i have ever taken
has been overgrown with the footsteps
of every man who has been there before.
i have cowered in fear from shadows in the streets,
a metal key pressed between my knuckles
but there is more than fear
that pulses in my veins

but then i found a word
and that word felt like a sword.
a safe space, where nothing can break
that word protected me time and time again
when that overgrown path
felt a little too narrow

so imagine my despair
when that word
is tossed aside. i watch noses wrinkle,
as that word becomes dirty.
the word is left to rot
as men still walk that overgrown path

but they don’t know
beneath their feat
there is an army of women
and men
who chant that word as they fall asleep.
who one day will rise from the undergrowth,
and find their place,
breathing fire, as they burn their way through
that narrow path.